1. Proper swimwear consists of bathing suit (no thongs)
  2. If shirt or shoes are worn on slides it must be made of nylon material
  3. Life jackets, floaties and swim shoes are NOT allowed on waterslides
  4. Life jackets, floaties and swim shoes are allowed in the other areas of the waterpark
  5. Life jackets may be borrowed and returned to lifeguards
  6. Wristbands must be worn at all times
  7. No running or horseplay
  8. Obey lifeguards at all times
  9. No pets allowed
  10. No thongs or offensive clothing allowed
  11. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to the park at our discretion
  12. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  13. Ice chests may be brought in but may not contain glass, alcohol, or any food that needs to be cooked.  Coolers are $10 for a small and $15 for a large cooler. Coolers will be checked.

Arriving and Departing

You may unload at park entrance if you are able to enter the circle drive completely, if not you must unload in parking lot one block north on Dodd street. It is required by the city of Volente that guests do not unload roadside.


Buses must pull into parking lot to unload and wait for passengers. Buses must not run idol while waiting for passengers in water park. If bus cannot pull into parking lot for any reason they must not park on side of the road, arrangements must be made for bus to wait at an alternant location.

Ride Rules

  • Flash Flood & Roadrunner: 42” or taller
  • Sidewinder: 42” or taller
    Two riders required on each tube with 100 lb combined minimum weight.
    Stand behind blue line on ground while waiting to receive tube.
  • Texas Twister: 48” or taller-Must weigh 100 lbs. Listen to and understand instructions stated on recording while standing in line.
  • Gator Crossing: Only one person may go across gator crossing at a time. Do not pull on rope while waiting your turn.
  • Lake Area: Stay inside designated swim area while swimming or kayaking. Please start line for lake rock slide and trampoline before beginning of dock. Life guard will call you up 4 at a time. Life jacket will be provided and must be worn for trampoline and rock slide activity.
  • Pirate Ship: For children under 42” only. Siblings who are over 42” may enter pirate ship area with family but must sit to side.